Factory Store Changes Include Spray Tan Room

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We will be closed April 1-April 6th so our team can enjoy a short break after our busy winter. While closed, we’ll be working on some changes to our factory store. The changes are exciting and will offer our customers some beneficial services not found elsewhere in upstate New York.

The main section of the store will have stunning cosmetic upgrades that will make the shopping experience even more pleasant.

The biggest change, however, will be the transformation of our exhibit room. Currently we display artifacts, a video and educational materials. Over spring break, we are converting it into a cocoa spray tanning salon!! Winter is an extremely long season in the Adirondacks, and while snow sports can certainly help with Vitamin D absorption, it’s not enough to keep that bronze glow all year round.

Customer suggestions throughout the years planted a seed that blossomed into this full-blown idea of offering our customers a spray tan while you shop. This cutting-edge method uses a blend of hydrating botanicals, essential oils and antioxidants from the cacao pod. Cocoa butter keeps the skin moist while the cocoa powder is lightly applied in an even, streak free manner that has celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Jessica Alba boasting its benefits. Cocoa tanning is a relatively new concept, and is all the rage in LA, New York, Atlanta and Chicago. It will be the first of its kind anywhere in the state north of Manhattan.

Our chocolatiers and retail associates will spend Tuesday through Thursday in NYC training for their spray-tan certificates (certified by the National Confectioner’s Association and the National Spray Tan Professionals Association). The brand new tanning equipment will be delivered before the team returns from training, with members of our FlavorWow™ Advisory Panel having the first appointments.

The spray tan takes only 5 minutes to apply so as not to interfere with the shopping experience. Customers will choose the level of cocoa concentrate they’d like applied. It is recommended that customers go heavier in the colder months for a deeper, longer lasting tan. Complimentary hot chocolate will be served while customers wait for their appointments. The best part is the price – only $40/session, with a buy 5, get 1 session-free-deal, very similar to our Barkeater Bars discount.

As of APRIL 1, there are only 3 tanning slots left, so make sure to call and reserve your spot today. Appointments may be made by calling 518.251.GIFT (4438).