12 Days of Barkeater

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Wondering what to get for a loved one? Does one gift seem a little inadequate? Well, lucky for you, Barkeater Chocolates is doing its first ever 12 Days of Barkeater. Our team will decide for you what to get every day between Christmas and January 5. No golden rings for each finger, no birds that will eat your gerbil and no odd people in costumes dancing at your door. It’s all chocolate. 

Dec. 25 – It’s Christmas Day and of course the gift to give must be festive, but who says it can’t be delicious? Nobody wants a partridge these days and pears can’t compare to chocolate. So, for the first day of Barkeater, the chocolate hollow Santa is a must. Easy to eat and you don’t need to buy a whole separate tree to go with it, as it comes in its own cello wrap. 

Dec. 26 – Christmas Day is over, but the second day has just begun. Give the one you love a 2-piece sleeve of peanut butter cups. Milk, dark and sea salt cups also come in packs of eight for a greater value! But the 12 days of Barkeater is just beginning, so it’s smart to take it slow. 

Dec. 27 – The third day of Barkeater is pretty easy for gift givers – turtles. Barkeater Chocolates makes three kinds of chocolate turtles – milk, dark and snapping, (aka ** cayenne). Caramel, pecans and chocolate to look like the beloved reptile is an adorable gift for anyone. 

Dec. 28 – It’s day four and Barkeater chocolate should be a no brainer by now – it should be breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, Barkeater doesn’t encourage unhealthy lifestyles, so day four is the day to take a break. Instead of giving chocolate, grab some merchandise in the shop. A t-shirt, hat, chocolate soap (not for eating, but it’s not toxic) or a candle should do the trick. Looking and smelling like chocolate is almost as good as eating it. 

Dec. 29  – The detox from day four should leave recipients with a stronger urge for chocolate. For day five, take advantage of Barkeater’s bulk bark deal. Not only can shoppers mix and match what kind of bark to get, but there are a variety of flavors and different nuts/seeds/flavors added to them. 

Dec 30 – Another great deal for day six are the Barkeater bars. Six flavors – sea salt, black pepper, quinoa, citrus, cherry and beantown – means a perfect gift for this day. It’s no wonder this deal is the most popular at Barkeater, it’s almost a steal!

Dec. 31 – Day seven, and the last day of December, calls for  an extra surprise. Milk Chocolate, Maple Caramel, Raspberry, Bourbon Vanilla,  Dark & Sea Salt and Coconut sit inside the caramel case in the store. However, with constant great deals at Barkeater, it’s almost nothing to bump that six-piece caramel box to an eight. Add the all new White Hazelnut Caramel to the box for day seven as a surprise. 

Jan. 1 – It’s day eight of the 12 Days of Barkeater and your recipient is probably getting thirsty. The best winter beverage, if you ask nearly everyone, is Barkeaters rich and handmade hot chocolate. Whether it be simple, spicy or cinnamon, no one can go wrong with the 8 oz hot cocoa mix that sits atop a Barkeater shop’s shelf. Buy hot cocoa and get that Barkeater mug to go with it.

Jan. 2 – For the ninth day, a holiday bark trio is appropriate. This nine-ounce variety of holiday-themed chocolate is a perfect assortment for those missing Christmas. Not to mention, this product might be reduced around this time, if it lasts that long! 

Jan. 3 – Double digits are here as the 12 days of Barkeater reaches 10. This time, instead of deciding the gift to give, buy instead a Barkeater gift card. The recipient will be so happy with a $10 card to look around and pick a gift out themselves. No feelings are hurt either, as they won’t have to return a bad gift. 

Jan. 4 – Day 11 is here and you’re running out of ideas. Luckily, Barkeater has thought of everything. Barkeater hosts a number of experiences. From its haunted tours, to chocolate sessions to dip and sip: it’s all fun. The recipient and some friends can learn about the dark history of Barkeater’s Chocolate factory, how to make chocolate and get your hands a little messy.

Jan. 5 – It’s finally the last day of the 12 Days of Barkeater, and you’re probably wondering why you did this in the first place. But this one is an easy one. Barkeater has a variety of FlavorWow truffles in its store case and boxes of all sizes. A 12 piece box makes the perfect, last day gift. There are holiday truffles or just everyday truffles. 

Barkeater Chocolates Factory Store will be closed on Christmas & New Years Day, so get your gifts ahead of time!