Goodbye 2020!

barkeater Blog

While we can most definitely take a few lessons from this year (overscheduling=bad; free time=good) and have made certain improvements to our lifestyles (home cooking is fun and your family room really did need a makeover), it’s safe to say that the world will not mourn the end of 2020.

With 2021, we sincerely hope certain terms will quickly go out of fashion (social distancing, new normal, quarantine and the ubiquitous “amid”) and people will resume a form of socializing that doesn’t begin with a Zoom invitation and unique meeting code. Though, we’re sure Zoom is hoping that doesn’t drop off too quickly.

Here’s to hoping that small businesses that actually had the courage to start up in the middle of this year manage to keep their doors open, and that those who have been in business for many years continue to thrive. Let’s also hope that those small businesses can go back to doing what they love doing, and stop selling masks and hand sanitizers. Unless of course, that is all they do, in which case – carry on!

In 2021, we want people to return to work and return to the movie theaters, because there is a bumper crop of movies just waiting to be released! We also want people to travel the world, because there’s a lot of ground to cover.

2020 will never be forgotten. And neither will our loyal customers, team members and supporters who made this year, despite everything, a very wonderful one for Barkeater Chocolates. We are truly grateful for all of you…we can’t wait to serve you again in 2021!

Have a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year!