Goodbye Crunchy. It’s Been Nice.

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By Sarah Elizabeth Morris

After four wonderful years, Barkeater Chocolates is sad to announce that Crunchy Quinoa Ka-pow! is going into retirement. The dark chocolate bar first started at Barkeater in 2016, following a big announcement featured on the local CBS & NBC affiliates. The feedback from his debut was wonderful; however, Crunchy has decided it is time to move on to explore new challenges. 

“I’ve loved my time at the chocolate company, but I have more in this life to do,” Crunchy said. “It was nice having the spotlight for a while, but that belongs to another bar now.” 

In an effort to fill the void left by Crunchy’s absence, Barkeater Chocolates is introducing the new Majestic Maple bar. This will be the second milk chocolate bar on the shelves, alongside Cherry Chic, and is made with real New York state maple sugar. Maple is among one of the top emerging flavors this year.

“I’ve personally never worked with Crunchy, but it will be hard to fill such a big wrapper,” Majestic said. “It feels good to be the second milk chocolate bar, too, and I believe I will be a great addition to the shelf.” 

Crunchy’s last day at the store is still being determined, but his time is definitely limited. He’ll be spending time with Majestic to help with the transition. Barkeater predicts that Majestic Maple will be a big hit with the customers, as other maple-themed chocolates in the store have been very popular.

“I think Maple will do amazing things when I leave,” Crunchy said. “I will miss every bar and the joy I brought to chocolate lovers over the last four years. And you never know, I may be invited back to visit every now and then.”