Private Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal Investigative Groups may now formally book a block of time for their own investigation. Bring your own equipment and set up throughout our store, experience room, kitchen, attic and storage room or roam the perimeter of the property to see if you can catch anything. Collect your evidence and see if you can make contact with our spirits. Past investigations have shown there to be between 3-5 ghosts on our premises. A Barkeater Chocolates team member will be present during your investigation to answer questions about our experiences and the history of this 150 year old building. We’ll also tell you about the evidence we have collected, as well as customers and other investigators. The investigation may begin when our store closes at 5:00pm. If you want to ensure a little darkness during your search, it’s best to reserve a block of time late winter/early spring or in the fall.

The walls can and do often talk.

Time: 5:00-8:00pm

Place: Barkeater Chocolates Factory/Property

Day: Please call for availability and to reserve your date. 518.251.4438

Number of People: Up to 6 (additional investigators may be added on for $50/person, no more than 8 total please.)

Price: $300