Thanksgiving Dessert Alternatives

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When it comes to Thanksgiving dessert, one typically thinks of pumpkin pie or pecan pie or apple pie and so on. But for all those who aren’t a fan of the seasonal desserts, they turn to the sad, lonely, store bought cookies to fill the pie gaps. Luckily, Barkeater Chocolates has all the perfect Turkey Day desserts. 

Don’t like the texture of pumpkin pie crust and the thin layer of film that sits on top? Then check out Barkeater’s 1.25 pound truffle. Cut it up and it’ll be enough to feed an entire family; as well as, satisfying those taste buds. 

Enjoy nuts but not the burnt, crispy tops that sit atop the pies? Barkeater has an abundance of bark covered in a variety of fruits and nuts. Enjoy delicious, broken up pieces of chocolate with anything from pecans and coconuts to cherries and almonds. 

Not a fan of apple pie? Check out the Barkeater caramels with flavors such as hazelnut, maple and pumpkin. 

Barkeater Chocolates has anything a chocolate lover needs for Thanksgiving day dessert, so check out all the chocolate Barkeater has to offer. The store is open Monday through Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m and closed Thanksgiving Day.