Alternative Uses for Chocolate

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By Sarah Elizabeth Morris

No, it’s not possible to get sick of eating chocolate.

However, it is possible to want even more chocolate in your life. Luckily, chocolate can and has been used for much more than just eating! 

For those in need a relaxing night, fill your tub with hot water and cocoa powder. Light some chocolate scented candles (found at the Barkeater Chocolates factory store) and scrub your skin with chocolate soap (also at the Barkeater Chocolates factory store). Due to its antioxidants, the cocoa can eliminate acne or inflammation on the skin and the cocoa butter is a natural moisturizer. Not to mention, the smell of chocolate will alter your brain chemistry to feel more relaxed. Exfoliate with chocolate and you’ll smell like the sweetest treat on earth; your smooth skin will taste like it too. Warning: please don’t drink the bath water. Or the soap. Or the candles.

If you find yourself needing to shoot a low budget horror movie in a hurry (College Project? Halloween party? Bored after football season ends?), liquid chocolate makes great fake blood. Melt it (cool it slightly) or get it in syrup form; either way, it’ll look like the real thing. If you don’t believe it, go back and watch some of the most iconic horror movies, like Psycho or Night of the Living Dead, (to name a few) and take a closer look at the tasty surprise covering those corpses. Hint: If your movie is in black and white or bad quality, the audience will never be able to tell. And what low budget horror movie is ever high quality?

Are your houseplants or garden flowers looking a little tired? Sprinkle some cocoa in the dirt to give them the breath of life. Mix the powder with a few spoonfuls of coffee grounds and watch your flowers perk back up. The mix of these two creates a nitrogen rich fertilizer, which protects your plants against extreme temperatures, predators and weeds. Warning: Be careful not to leave them in reach of animals who may be attracted to eating plants. And full disclosure – it’s probably not smart for you to eat the houseplants either.