Chocolate Egg With Hidden Surprise Toy

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Welcome to the first installment of our Barkeater Team Stories. Each week, we will feature a blog post from one of our Team Members. Today, we bring you Sarah’s chocolate story…

Sarah Morris


Sarah Morris – Packaging & Retail Associate

My favorite memory involving chocolate isn’t a good one, but I love it because it made me truly appreciate the beauty of what is Barkeater Chocolates.

For years I’d dreamt of eating one of those famous chocolate eggs with a hidden toy surprise beneath the surface. The smoothness of it, the white chocolate layer under the milk, the way it looked: like it’d just melt in your mouth. I’d heard such great things about them from others; however, they are illegal in America because of the fear of children choking on them. Sure.

Egg With Toy Surprise

A few years ago, I went to Prince Edward Island (Canada, Earth) for vacation – somewhere we go often. Before we left to go back to New York, we stopped at a small grocery store to pick up food for the ride when I spotted the goodness, nay, the godliness that is this very glorious egg. I grabbed at least five and threw them in the cart.

When we crossed the border, I acted as naturally as I possibly could. I was sneaking illegal chocolate over the border. (P.S. police: I was a minor then, so you can’t arrest me).

When we arrived at the hotel that night, I pulled one of them out and I swear, the second I did, angels sang. The light hit it just right; it looked like it was glowing. I was shaking from excitement.

I unwrapped the delicate wrapper, as to not break it. I wanted to remember this moment forever.

It was almost like slow motion when I bit into that glossy, soft chocolate, and the second I did, the angels left and the lights went out. My entire life was a lie. These eggs were nothing of what I imagined. And the toy was a huge disappointment (my kid brother didn’t even want it).

To this day, I still regret eating that egg. It’s a problem when your family runs such a good chocolate company. It ruins you forever.