Giant Pumpkin Pie Truffle Flavorite of the Month!

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Every team member has voted on their flavorite Barkeater confection!! This month, Sarah’s pick was chosen to be the Staff Flavorite of the Month. Mostly, because her flavorite happens to only be available this month. What does that mean for you? It means that since the Giant 1.25 pound Pumpkin Pie Truffle is Sarah’s flavorite (and she’s so sure it will be your flavorite too)  during the month of November, you can purchase it for the special price of $27.99 (regularly $30).

So how does one attempt to eat the Giant Pumpkin Pie Truffle? Here’s a how-to:

  1. First off, it’s for sharing. Do not attempt to eat this 20 lb. truffle by yourself. At least not at one sitting.
  2. Gently insert a sharp knife in the seam of the pumpkin and begin to slice it down along the seam.
  3. The pumpkin should come apart, put each flat side down on a cutting board.
  4. Slice along the indentations and serve as you would any dessert.
  5. Beware of family members, friends and even strangers who will attempt to take more than their fair share.
  6. Do not, under any circumstances, hurt the people referenced in step 5. Simply get a second truffle and repeat.
  7. When finished, wrap the uneaten truffle pieces in clear plastic wrap and refrigerate.
  8. Just kidding, there won’t be any truffle pieces left over.

Enjoy your Giant Truffle! Remember, as quickly as it may disappear off your Thanksgiving table, another one will be available to you at Easter.