Groovy Retro Products at Anniversary Celebration

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Well, OK…maybe Groovy dates a little too far back.

On June 9, from 11-5, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary at the Barkeater Chocolates Factory Store. Some products that went into hibernation several years ago have been invited back to the store for the day to help us celebrate our big milestone. Some will be sporting their original packaging as well.

Who will we see???

Cranberry Coastal Commotion Bar. Before our dark chocolate, sea salt and cranberry delight was a bark in a stand up pouch, it was a bar. Same taste, different form…and for some raving fans…this makes ALL the difference.

Milky Mountain Mud Bar. Milk chocolate & almonds. Simple and FlavorWow™.

Cayenne Truffles. Yes, this spicy confection was one of our original truffle flavors before it retired and headed south.

Green Tea Truffles. Our chocolatiers are so excited to bring this one back, prepare for them to make a little more than one day’s worth.

There may very well be more chocolates who come to the party for a limited time, we’re waiting for their RSVP’s and will keep the guest list updated!!