Solid Gold Ganache Chocolate Bars Unveiled

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April 1, 2021

Barkeater Chocolates is ready to leap into springtime with an exciting announcement! Coming later this month, we will be unveiling our most luxurious chocolate bar yet: the 42-Chocolate Gold. What makes this bar so special, you ask? For the first time ever we are using real gold inside and out. For only $146 (or $430 for three bars), you can rip open a real gold wrapper (also edible) and find a delicious, 63% dark chocolate 3 gram bar with a layer of 24k solid gold ganache (and yes, it’s edible!), dipped in gold. Why stop at gold flakes like so many other companies do? If a little gold is good for you, then a lot more gold is a lot better for you. Gold is currently trading (at the time of this writing) $56/gram. 

You read that right: edible gold. If you don’t know anything about the trending ingredient, the history is actually quite interesting and worth giving it a read:

In Ancient Egypt, before even Cleopatra’s time as ruler, gold was a very popular additive to things like food, health and beauty for the elite. It was a sign of wealth and royalty to be draped in all kinds of shine – and gold was one of the easiest to gather in large quantities due to the overwhelming amount of access to it. Gold mining has been very popular there and today there are over 100 different types of gold deposits in Egypt. 

Egypt wasn’t the only country in ancient times to have used gold for consumption. Many cultures believed it to have age-defying powers and eating or using it on your skin could make you beautiful. Even today you can find gold flakes in things like face cream, makeup and vitamins. It’s hard to prove the benefits of outer-body gold use, but extensive research was done in the 1970s about the effects of gold consumption. 

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) announced that gold did not react inside the human body. In fact, it is not digested at all, and no nutrients, bad or good, are absorbed by the body. This discovery solidified the ending of gold in the medical field and EFSA created the E-175, which defines edible gold as safe to eat between 22 and 24 karats and it has no calories or fat.

Since the use of social media, edible gold has become more popular, especially among the online “influencers,” who tend to live the upscale lives and try new things for their followers. That being said, we at Barkeater are hopping on the bandwagon to create our own gold bar and we just know everyone will take notice! 

We will be holding a special unveiling of the chocolate bars TBD at our store, where only 50 will make it to the shelf. Due to the expensive wrappers and back breaking labor, we will only be producing 50 bars every three months, so make sure to mark your calendars when we restock!