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The snow is finally melting and the sun is in the sky past 5 pm, which means spring is here! March 20 this year marks the spring equinox and the end of winter. With the feeling that life’s possibilities are endless, why not try some of these activities to celebrate the end of winter and prep for a great spring and summer! 

  1. Spring Cleaning – we know cleaning doesn’t sound like the most fun, but it can be therapeutic for some. After sheltering yourself inside all winter, there’s bound to be garbage or items you just don’t want around anymore. Perhaps it’s even a good time to rearrange furniture for a whole new vibe. Either way, spend this time ridding your winter trash or unwanted items and starting fresh! 
  2. Stop and Smell the Roses– it’s a silly and overused saying that means “live in the moment,” but literally speaking, spring is a  time to stop and smell the flowers! Public gardens are opening up and natural flowers and trees are coming back to life. You can even start your own garden in your backyard or back deck. Bring some color to the outside (or inside) of your home! 
  3. Go White Water Rafting – since the snow is melting, the rivers are higher than ever and flowing fast! There are many rafting companies in the Adirondacks that take advantage of this time of year and have some of the craziest rafting trips! (Just remember to ALWAYS wear your safety gear and helmet). 
  4. Make Plans with Friends – if you live far from your friends, it can be hard to make plans in the winter due to the unpredictability of snow, ice and cold fronts. However, once the snow tires are off and the sun shades are down, long drives aren’t so bad and can even be fun. This makes for the perfect time to visit those friends you haven’t seen in a while and take advantage of road trip playlists with the windows down! 
  5. Check Facebook for Local Events – parades, musical festivals and more tend to start popping up when the weather gets warmers. Sometimes word of mouth and gas station fliers aren’t informative enough – luckily in this day and age, Facebook is a great way to find out about any fun events going on near you that you can attend. Bonus points if these events are outside in the sun!