Wine Mom and More Mother Archetypes

Deb Morris Blog, Mother's Day

Everyone knows there are only five types of Moms: the Wine Mom, the “Best Friend” Mom, the Perfectionist Mom, the Animal Mom and the Fancy Mom. Of course sub categories exist within these umbrella categories, but almost every mother can be placed into one of the four, which makes shopping for Mother’s Day fairly easy if you know which Mom to shop for. We’re here to help you determine which gift is right for your mom, or moms, depending on what type you think she is! 

  1. The Wine Mom – While this type of mom is often portrayed in pop culture as, well…. drinking wine, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case (though, let’s be real, a glass of wine is never out of reach). This type of mom prioritizes comfort in order to find bits of relaxation when she can (which isn’t often). See below some gift ideas if this is your Wine Mom!
    1. Something that says “It’s Wine o’clock Somewhere!” 
    2. A spa day package including ibuprofen 
    3. A comfy set of pjs and a Netflix gift card 
    4. A bottle of wine
    5. Chocolate
  2. The Best Friend Mom – If your mom is the Best Friend Mom, you know the latest drama in her life and she knows yours! She’s also a great person to confide in when you need advice, because chances are she’s been through the same thing and isn’t afraid to share it. 
    1. A digital picture frame of family photos 
    2. Two of the same book you can read together 
    3. A hand-written card full of sappy mother-child love language
    4. Matching tattoos 
    5. Chocolate
  3. The Perfectionist Mom – This mom has no problem juggling everything in her family’s lives, from household chores to work tasks to soccer practice and doctors’ appointments; the perfectionist mom never seems to miss. 
    1. a 24 hour hot/cold thermos for her coffee (iced and hot) 
    2. A package of yoga classes that she’ll need to schedule
    3. A portable chair that folds to the size of a brief case (must be comfy)
    4. A  therapist
    5. Chocolate
  4. The Animal Mom – If you grew up calling your dog or cat your “sibling,” chances are, your mom is an Animal Mom. These mothers see no difference between their human children and their animal children and love them all the same. 
    1. A car window sticker of the family, including the pets 
    2. Any kind of gift, clothing or toys, for the animal 
    3. A memorium decor piece for the animals she’s lost 
    4. Matching sweaters for her and her pets
    5. Chocolate (for her, not her pets)
  5. The Fancy Mom – Despite having kids, and maybe even sons, this mom manages to look her best and spends time socializing. Everyone wants to know her secret, but it just takes dedication and practice (as well as zero sleep). 
    1. The latest trending brand of nude palettes 
    2. A bracelet with all her children’s birthstones 
    3. A gift card to any high scale clothing store since she’ll return what you buy her anyway 
    4. A gym membership
    5. Chocolate