Picking Chocolate Based on your Zodiac Sign

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Each zodiac sign is unique in their own way, just like our products here at Barkeater Chocolates. Check below for your zodiac sign and which Barkeater chocolate you are! 

Aries – Toffee Bark: Much like Aries, our Totally Toffee bark is tough and knows how to strengthen your teeth. However, the more you get to know them, or chew our toffee bark, the softer and sweeter they taste (or treat you). 

Taurus – Honey PB Cups: Taurus are drawn to the sweeter things in life, much like our Honey Grown Up Peanut Butter Cups. You wouldn’t think much of the combination, but the taste leaves you feeling warm inside, much like a Taurus does. 

Gemini – Black Bear Bar: Geminis have a reputation for being two-faced, similar to our Black Bear bar. What seems like dark chocolate with some fruity hints actually has a bite to it, like Gemini, who aren’t afraid to “bite” when needed. 

Cancer – Maple Creams: Much like the animal, the crab, in a metaphorical sense, Cancers have an emotional shell that once lacerated, reveals an empathetic and sweet inside, similar to our dark chocolate Maple Creams

Leo – Snapping Turtle: Leo’s like to hold their ground and aren’t afraid of confrontation. Much like our spicy Snapping Turtles, Leo’s can make you cry, but overall want you tasting more. 

Virgo – 12 Piece Assorted Truffles: Whether they’re sorted in alphabetical order, color or personal rankings, our 12 piece assorted truffle box perfectly represents the organized chaos of a Virgo.

Libra – Solid Milk Heart: Our solid milk hearts are the perfect representation of Libras, who don’t hold back their affection. Sweet like milk chocolate, Libras can make anyone love them. 

Scorpio – Mayan Madness Bark: Scorpios are similar to our Mayan Madness bark – intense and well liked! Though a water sign, Scorpios’ heat in any relationship is much Barkeater’s cayenne bark. 

Sagittarius – ADK Bark: Sagittarius folk are down to earth and there’s no better way to describe our ADK bark. With a plethora of nuts, seeds and fruits, the ADK bark is quite the escapade, much like Sagittariuses, who seek thrills in adventure. 

Capricorn – Hot Cocoa Mix: Ironically, Capricorns are emotionally solid. This may not seem like Simplicity Hot Chocolate, but once paired with the perfect partner (hot milk), the cocoa mix and Capricorns become 100% on board.

Aquarius – Sea Salt Bar: Aquarius people tend to be traditional and set in their ways, much like our Downhill Darksider Bar, one of our oldest products. However, much like our top selling bars, Aquarians know what works and are usually successful. 

Pisces – Margarita Truffles: Pisces are creative oddballs and although we’ve come out with some interesting chocolates, none seem to fit this water sign as much as the Margarita truffle. This out-of-the box chocolate combination of lemon, lime, rum, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and salt might hold enough creativity to thrill a Pisces.