Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Deb Morris Blog, Halloween

If you are someone who likes to dress up for Halloween but hates spending money on ridiculous costume prices, then you’re not alone! Since the lockdown that began in 2020 was lifted, America saw a huge jump in the amount of money spent on Halloween costumes, according to a retail study. Roughly $3.3b is spent on adult Halloween costumes nationally, which equates to over $100 per person on their costume alone. Here are some easy and clever DIY Halloween costume ideas that don’t cost nearly as much, and you can probably throw together at the last minute! 

  1. Pop Art Person – this look can take mere minutes with a steady hand and cost nothing (if you already have eyeliner or face makeup). Using black eyeliner, trace your defining features in unique ways – dots, thick lines, etc. and don’t forget to fill in your eyebrows. You can add some colored lipstick or an interesting doodle to make your look pop, but for some reference, Google pop art drawings of people to get an idea! 
  2. The Classic Ghost – it’s been done since the dawn of time and it continues to be a fantastic costume. All that’s needed is a white sheet you don’t mind cutting two eye holes into and perhaps a hat to give your ghost some swag. Make sure the sheet doesn’t go past your ankles and the eye holes are big enough to see easily for safety reasons. 
  3. Paint Sample – if you have similar-but-not-exactly-the-same colored clothing, then this one’s for you! Match different shades of any colors in an ombré fashion from shoes, pants, shirt and a hat or headband if you have one. Use white stickers or a label maker to write the code of each shade down, just like the paint samples at home improvement stores.
  4. A Superhero…s Alter Ego – all the coolest superheroes have their everyday alter egos that act just like everyone else. For example, if you have glasses and a suit, you could easily be Clark Kent or Tony Stark. A t-shirt and jeans could pass you off as one of the younger superhero alter egos, such as the Flash or Spider-Man. There are endless possibilities! 
  5. Yourself – spend your night dressed like you would on any other day, but stay aloof and isolated. If, say, you’re at a party and someone comes up and asks what you’re supposed to be, act shocked and ask, “can you see me?” This will imply you are actually the ghost of yourself, cursed to walk to earth alone every night … except on Halloween.