Open 7 Days a Week

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Our Factory Store has resumed its summer hours. That means we’re open 7 days a week 11:00 am-5:00 pm. You can get all your FlavorWow™ chocolates at our North Creek, NY store.

Here’s the lowdown:

Just wear a mask and come on in. If there are a lot of people in the store, hang tight outside (enjoy the trees and flowers, they’re lovely).

You can still order online. You can even order over the phone (518-251-4438). If you want to pick up items you’ve ordered, just let us know when to expect you. If you want us to ship – we can do that!

A note on shipping, this summer has been a roller coaster of weather. We’re not afraid to ship during the summer, but we’re not reckless! If we’re looking at temps near or above the 90’s, we will hold the order until cooler skies prevail.

And while we’re on the subject of heat…Please plan your visit to our store on your way home. Or…eat your chocolate right after you purchase it. Chocolate melts in hot cars. Even if you don’t think it’s all that hot. Yes, a cooler will help, just make sure you haven’t opened your chocolates and be sure to not let them float around in melted ice. FYI, water and chocolate do not mix!

One more interesting point…if your home doesn’t have AC, and you’re concerned about your chocolate melting, we recommend you eat it. OK, maybe you want to save some. Put it in an airtight bag, stick it in the fridge, and remember to keep it airtight when you take it out, or condensation will form.

Happy Summer!!!