You say “truffle” and I say “bon bon” One of us is wrong.

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There’s no denying chocolate has come a long way since it was first used as currency and liquid gold. Nowadays, we have endless types of chocolates in different shapes, flavors and textures! Only real chocolate fans can differentiate the many types of chocolates, even down to the most minuscule details. One of the most controversial chocolate debates that comes down to detail is the difference between truffles and bonbons

Barkeater Chocolates is popular for our truffles, available in store and online. We started the company by hand making truffles in the lower level of a cafe, and now they are on display in our glass cases in the store as our most iconic products! One frequently asked question regarding our truffles are – “are these bonbons?” The short answer is no – there are some things that set these chocolate treats apart. 

Truffles are molded chocolates, hand dipped chocolates, enrobed chocolates or hand rolled chocolates with a chocolate ganache filling. Ganache always consists of some mixture of chocolate and cream. Sometimes these treats will have added flavors and inclusions. Just like ours, truffles can range in flavors, colors, shapes and sizes, but the inside stays the same. Truffles can also be decorated on the outside. This includes nut toppings, sugar coatings, cocoa butter transfers and anything you can really imagine! Fun fact: the term “truffle” comes from its similar shape to the truffle mushrooms

Truffles were invented in France of the 1920s by chocolatier Auguste Escoffier, after an accidental mixing of ingredients led to the delicious discovery of ganache. Though this is the more famous story, some historical documents indicate that truffles existed in the late 1800s and were sold by a man named Louis Dufour. Regardless of who we have to thank, truffles exist to this day and make us happy. 

Bon Bons have a bit of a more solid history. The chocolate treats were invented in the 17th century and were popular within the royal French court. They became more integrated into non-elite society as fun gifts at festivals and holiday celebrations. 

Whereas truffles have extra items sprinkled on top, the center will always be a type of ganache. With bon bons, the confection in the middle will be anything other than ganache. For example, a chocolate covered cherry is considered a bon bon. Ice cream bite surrounded by chocolate? A bon bon. Chocolate covered orange cream? Bon bon. How about a bite sized chocolate covered caramel? You guessed it…bon bon. 

The name comes from the French word for good, “bon.” 

So remember it like this – with truffles, the chocolate is on the inside, and with bonbons, the chocolate is on the outside

Both are delicious and all can be found at Barkeater